Christmas Tree on the Water >.>

Y’ had heard about an unusual Christmas Tree in the Cotswolds, so we went to have a look at the weekend :)

In the small (and very popular with tourists) village of Bourton-on-the-Water they have their Christmas Tree….on the water >.>

The village is famous for the picturesque river running through the middle, so they place their festive tree right in the water… night it’s supposed to look very impressive all lit up, but unfortunately we couldn’t stay until it got dark.

It doesn’t show up so well in the photos but even during the day the lights look nice on the tree ^^


A lot of the shops around the village also have very nice window decorations at this time of year :)


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2 Responses to Christmas Tree on the Water >.>

  1. Maaaaaan, this looks like sooooo much fun!
    Wish I could be here *sigh*

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