The Adventure of the Tyntesfield Carbuncle

Last night we went to a special event being held at the National Trust property; Tyntesfield :)

On several dates this month you can enjoy a ticketed event held at the house called “The Adventure of the Tyntesfield Carbuncle”, a special Victorian themed mystery where you follow along with, and occasionally assist, the great Victorian detective Sherlock Holmes ;)


Since the event is held in the evening, and therefore after dark, we needed a torch to help when walking to the house from the entrance……but, the path does have little lanterns along it leading the way, and several of the trees are lit up from below, which looks really nice.

The house itself is also lit from the outside, and the adjoining chapel looks great with the lights shining up at it and the glow from the windows too :)


At the entrance to the house we were greeted by a performance by carol singers to set the mood for a Victorian Christmas scene.


Through the front door we were met by Sherlock Holmes himself who was to be our guide through the house as he solves the mystery of the missing Tyntesfield Carbuncle gemstone, with a little help from his group of followers ;)

At each stop through the house we were met with a member of the house staff, or a Gibbs family member (all actors playing their Victorian parts very well), and they would supply information to help lead us to the next clue.


There were points where we had to participate in some way to help move the story forward, and at the very start one of the members of the “audience” was chosen to act as Dr Watson for Sherlock Holmes (complete with hat to wear) and write down clue words when needed.


As the story moved forward all of the characters we met were fun, and funny, even with some riddles and magic tricks thrown in hehe……one character even served everyone with a glass of sherry >.>

At the end the clues which our “Watson” had written down for Sherlock were read out and they lead us to the whereabouts of the missing Carbuncle.

Afterwards as we bid farewell to Mr Holmes we exited into a courtyard where we were served minced pies and mulled wine :)


The whole event was really well done, and brilliant fun throughout. Tyntesfield makes a very good setting for this kind of mystery evening as well, especially when it’s all decorated nicely for Christmas :)

If you’re not able to catch Sherlock Holmes at Tyntesfield for this event then there’s still a chance to see him in action there; scenes for the upcoming Victorian set Christmas special of the BBC series “Sherlock” were filmed there, so be sure to catch that on TV on New Years Day ;P

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