A Very Victorian Christmas at Tyntesfield

Some National Trust properties are open during the Christmas season, and decorated really nicely with Christmas trees, wreaths and tinsel etc……today we went to Tyntesfield to see the decorations as part of their “Very Victorian Christmas” :)


The house is decorated really really well, and it suits this Christmas style perfectly :D

An added bonus as part of the Christmas celebrations at Tyntesfield is that they have actors around the house dressed as Victorian party guests, tenants and staff.

When we entered the house we arrived in time to see a jolly group singing Christmas carols and joking with the people watching.


There are many Christmas trees inside the house, and they’re all decorated and lit up to suit the space they’re in :)

The whole place has a really festive feel to it as you walk around, and it all seems new and different again even if you’ve been to the house before ^^


Our timing was good again as we neared the exit by the chapel and we managed to catch one of the actors in character as a vicar giving a short Christmas sermon followed by carol singing.


We arrived early as we expected it to be busy, but we were surprised by just how busy it was…..house tickets were sold out by mid-day (probably even earlier than that but we didn’t see until we were out from the house itself), and the car park was full with a long line of cars still trying to come in. The attendants unfortunately had to start turning them away as there was really no space left at all.

The house will still be decorated for Christmas until early January, but if you plan to go it’s best to check the opening times and get there as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

It’s very much worth going to see the house decorated if you can though ;)

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