Make Your Own Panda Biscuits :D

One of my favourite Japanese snacks is Sakusaku Panda….chocolate covered biscuits shaped like a panda head :)

On our last trip to Japan we found a little kit that lets you make your own choco panda biscuits at home :D


The kit is similar in style to the other “play food” kits from Japan I’ve written about before; everything you need is inside the packet – milk and white chocolate pieces, plastic trays to melt the chocolate in, panda face biscuits, a plastic mould to shape everything together correctly, and even a little piping bag to use for decorating and some banana flavouring for if you want to add a little extra to the standard panda biscuits ^^


After the biscuits have been chilled in the fridge for an hour they pop out of the moulds easily and look just like the ones you usually get in a ready made packet :)


They tasted great and were fun and easy to make ^^

The only downside is the banana flavouring was a little on the strong side, so go easy on that if you use it :P


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