Croome is a wide open space near Worcester City which contains parkland and gardens owned by the National Trust, and Croome Court which is on lease to the National Trust by the Croome Heritage Trust :)

During the Second World War Croome housed RAF Defford, which was used for testing radar to meet new enemy threats. A few of the buildings still remain and they now contain a visitor centre with a 1940s style cafe and museum.


The parkland is massive, and there is a nice route which you can walk on the way to Croome Court with interesting things to see on the way; including several different little pavilions and a grotto :)

Unfortunately due to the recent wet weather some of the route was waterlogged, but on a nice sunny day it’s probably very pleasant…..even with the flooding and more rain starting while we walked around it was still a nice place ;)


Croome Court sits pretty much right in the middle of the parkland, and it’s a large house with an impressive entrance to it.


The house is currently undergoing extensive work to get it back up to top shape, so when we were there only 2 floors were open for viewing; the ground floor and the basement. The top 2 floors are expected to open up early this year though.

Due to the on-going works on all floors the house is not furnished with a load of fancy things, and only some of the rooms still have exposed panels and pipes, but it’s still very interesting to see a place like this at this stage in its life…..once all of the work is completed and the house if fully furnished there will never be a chance to see it in this kind of “behind the scenes” state again, so it’s very interesting ^^


A couple of the spaces in the house are being used to display works by local contemporary artists, so there are a few unusual things to see in those areas too :P


The basement is quite interesting in that you can see areas more used by the workers of the house and follow the huge amount of pipework that runs through the place……and there’s also a nice little tea room down there too ;)


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3 Responses to Croome

  1. Jake Wilding says:

    This place looks really nice! i want to go to Worcester and now I can add something to the itinerary!

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