Setsubun 2016

Setsubun is a yearly Japanese tradition to remove bad luck from your home and bring in good luck for the year ahead :)

Setsubun takes place on February 3rd, the last day of winter and the day before spring begins…..but it’s still very much winter here at the moment ;>.>


Each year a lucky direction is determined (south-south-east for this year) and you must eat an un-cut sushi roll in silence while facing towards that direction. This is the direction that a new god for the year will come from, and the rolled shape of the sushi roll symbolises the drawing in of the new god to your home, bringing luck with it.


People also throw a handful of soy beans (peanuts can be substituted) out from the front door of the home while shouting “Oni wa soto!” (Demons out!), to chase out bad luck demons.

Then they will take another handful of beans and throw them from outside to inside while shouting “Fuku wa uchi!” (Luck in!”), to help bring even more good luck in for the year.


It’s an interesting Japanese tradition……we do it at our home every year, with Y’ making very yummy sushi rolls for us to eat ^^

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