Chi on a Desk :)

I used to read a manga series called Chi’s Sweet Home, about a kitten that gets lost and then adopted by a family in Japan…..each chapter is about Chi discovering new things about the world and learning how to interact with things in funny ways like a kitten would in real life :)

Each chapter is pretty short, but they’re funny and a quick way to slap a smile on your face ;P

Not long ago when we were in Taunton we wondered through a side street and found a comic / sci-fi / collectors shop. It’s a little place but it’s absolutely stacked from floor to ceiling with figures / statues / models / toys from comic series, as well as some from anime and manga series too :D

While looking around we noticed a couple of boxes containing sets of 3 different figures of Chi from Chi’s Sweet Home and I couldn’t resist getting a set :P


The design of the box has some nice little images on it too :)


They now live on my desk at work where they make me smile every time I look at them ^-^


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