Mompesson House

Mompesson House is a town house in Salisbury owned by the National Trust, it’s in a really nice spot close to the cathedral :)


Most of the National Trust places we visit are big manor houses out in the countryside, but there are also some really nice houses (large and small) in various towns and cities too ^^

The inside of the house here is really impressive, and it’s easy to see that it must have been a very nice comfortable place to live for a well-to-do family of the time it was lived in.


There’s a nice walled garden to the rear of the house, but it’s a shame we were there at the wrong time to see any flowers blooming in the borders ^_^;


In one corner of the garden there is a tea room in what looks like a small orangery, it’s a really nice spot to sit and relax with a cream tea ;)


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4 Responses to Mompesson House

  1. Looks nice, will try and visit next time I’m in Salisbury

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