Loch Lomand

Loch Lomand is the largest inland stretch of water in Great Britain, situated in the Trossachs National Park just north of Glasgow :)

We spent the day driving all the way around the outside of the loch, with a couple of stops along the way, and there is some brilliant scenery up there ^^

We started off at the bottom shore of the loch where there is a shopping centre which looks out over the water……Even from there the loch looked big, but it stretches for many miles to the north from this point.


About halfway up the western side of the loch we stopped off to catch a boat cruise on the loch :)

The views from the top of the boat were amazing, but the wind was freezing cold :S
It was a fun round trip though and it was nice seeing all of the mountains in the distance ^-^


After the cruise we continued up around the loch until the top where the road goes wider out into the national park before circling back down and round to the Eastern side of the loch.

It was a very nice drive and with not much traffic about we could enjoy the landscapes around us :)

We were hoping to spot some of the long haired highland cattle while we were up there, and at a wool mill we stopped at there were a couple next to the carpark but they turned away before we could get a good photo ^_^;…….we came to refer to them as “handsome cows” though because of their boyband style fringes :P


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