Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle sits up on top of a huge volcanic rock looking over the city of Edinburgh. There’s been a castle up there in some form since as far back as the 12th century :)

The castle dominates the city skyline, and as you walk up the hills towards it it’s interesting to see more parts of it slowly reveal themselves.

From the park below the castle we walked up around to the right, and parts of the route were pretty steep, but we came down round the other side of the castle later and it’s much easier to go that way and there are interesting shops to look at too ;)

Whichever way you take to get up there; when you reach the top the view is brilliant ^^


Walking around the castle grounds there are loads of interesting buildings and it feels more like walking around a little village rather than walking around a castle >.>

Each building contains a different exhibition and their content spans the centuries, so they’re all very different in style and feel.


Each exhibition gives a nice idea of the different uses of the castle through the ages, and it’s very interesting seeing it during rich periods, periods of war and periods of piece.

You can also see the Scottish Crown Jewels in an exhibition at the castle, but unfortunately you’re not allowed to take photos of them…..they’re very impressive though ;P



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