The Willow Tearooms

The Willow Tearooms in Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow were designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh (you’ve probably noticed a theme to the places we went in Scotland) and originally opened in 1903 :)

After the original owner Miss Cranston sold her business the Willow Tearooms passed through several hands and name changes, even being integrated into a department store at one point.

Eventually though in the 1980s the tearooms were refurbished and the building began to be put back to how it was originally intended to look inside and out.


When you visit the tearooms now there’s a really nice space on the first floor where you can enjoy tea and cakes in a really nice, bright atmosphere ^^


If you take the stairs up to the next floor there’s a function room which you can look into (when not in use) and a little exhibition which details the history of The Willow.


Back down on the ground floor there’s a small shop (which you’ll enter through) and more cafe seating to the rear :)


Miss Cranston owned 4 tearooms which Mackintosh designed for, although The Willow is the only one where he did the whole building inside and out.

There is now a 2nd Willow Tearoom on Buchanan Street, adjacent to where the original Miss Cranston tearoom would have been, and in here they’ve reproduced some of the Mackintosh designed spaces from these other tearooms…..It’s well worth having a look inside this one too ;)


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