Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

Last week was Clerkenwell Design Week in the Clerkenwell area of London, and my office sent me and Y’ along again for a couple of days to check out the new products (furniture, flooring, lighting, wall coverings, etc) in the world of corporate and commercial design :)

A couple of the exhibition venues were different this year but they were still all held in really interesting spaces and buildings that we usually wouldn’t see inside ^^

We spent the first of our 2 days going around the exhibitions, and then the 2nd day checking out some of the showrooms in the area……pretty much every showroom you go into they offer you drinks and snacks, even ice cream and yummy hot pies in some of them….such a hard job I have sometimes hehe :P


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4 Responses to Clerkenwell Design Week 2016

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  2. mmleonard says:

    Looked like a hip venture. Is that a doughnut in a box?

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