Lanhydrock is a huge mansion set in a country estate in Cornwall. Most of the present house dates from around the Victorian times, but there are parts of it which have been in place since the 1620s. It’s been owned and managed by the National Trust since 1953 :)

When we went it was a really nice sunny day so we had a nice walk around part of the gardens before having lunch in the restaurant to the side of the main house ^^

There are walks around the estate of varying lengths, and there’s even a cycle hire shop up next to the car park if you wanted to explore some of the routes on bikes ;)


The house itself is massive and with a wide variety of rooms open to see.

As you walk around the house you can see most of the high class living spaces which the family would have occupied, as well as servant’s rooms and extensive kitchen (the main kitchen is huuuge) and food preparation areas all linked together, and then up into the attic rooms where things were stored for later use.

The house is laid out in a really practical and logical way, and it’s a joy to see how all of the rooms with their varying functions fit so well together ^-^


I would highly recommend visiting Lanhydrock if you’re ever in the area, and I think it’s a strong contender for my favourite National Trust property :)

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