Bristol Aquarium

On Saturday we went to Bristol Aquarium for the first time….I’ve wanted to go there for ages, but we never got round to it until now ^_^

The aquarium is home to thousands of aquatic creatures so there are plenty of things to see in all shapes, sizes and colours :)

The display tanks are all interesting in the way they are dressed, and it’s easy to spend ages just watching the fish and other creatures swimming around inside.

Bristol Aquarium is also the only UK aquarium to feature a giant botanical house with lots of exotic plants and trees on display.

DSC3258 (1)DSC3258 (2)DSC3258 (3)DSC3258 (4)DSC3258 (5)DSC3258 (9)DSC3258 (10)DSC3258 (13)DSC3258 (15)DSC3258 (21)DSC3258 (33)DSC3258 (47)

It’s easy to spend a good couple of hours at the aquarium, so if you’re in Bristol and have some time to spare it’s worth a visit ;)

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2 Responses to Bristol Aquarium

  1. Saori says:

    I found some new words on your post so your blog is not only interesting but also very helpful for me.
    By the way looks very interesting place! I didn’t visit Bristol while I was in England. It’s a shame. I’d love to visit there someday :-)

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