Barrington Court (Revisited)

2 years ago we went to Barrington Court, one of the first properties acquired by the National Trust, a place known for its lovely gardens….but we went at the wrong time of year for the gardens

The house at that time was decorated for Christmas though, so we still had a nice visit…..but we needed to go again to see the gardens, and now we have ;)

This time the flower gardens were in full bloom and the kitchen garden had lots of things growing in it too ^-^

On a nice sunny day like we had there the gardens do look really really nice with lots of colours to see, and there is a very interesting collection of different gourds growing down from some archways in the kitchen garden……we’ve never seen anything like that before ;>.>


Inside the house itself there are a few more displays and information things than we saw before, and without the house being full of furniture it’s still very interesting to walk around, and it gives you a different view of the place compared to most of the other houses you can visit which are fully furnished :)


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