Japan Trip 2016 \(^o^)/

Last Sunday we got back from a 2 week trip to Japan….where we had a great time :D

We went to many interesting places, bought a lot of things, and ate a loooot of yummy food ^^

Starting with this post I’ll be writing about our trip and putting up some photos of interesting things :)
So to begin (with some help from our duck; Jack) this is our journey from Bristol in the UK to Tokushima in Japan where we were met by Y’s parents:

It’s nice and easy flying from Bristol airport as it’s so close to where we live, it saves us the hassle of driving for hours first if we had to go to Heathrow to fly.

The first plane of the day is relatively small, but we had a smooth flight to Schiphol airport in Amsterdam where we had time for lunch and a wander around before the next, long, flight on to Osaka :)


At Schiphol we spotted a man with a very time consuming job :P


Jack had a quick play with some rather large animals ;>.>


Our next flight was on one of KLM’s new Boeing 787 Dreamliners ^^

They’re more roomy inside, with nice large tablet-like displays for each seat and cool LED lights along the ceiling ^-^

The flight was very comfortable and smooth (even with being in there for just over 10 hours), but because of its light-weight construction you do feel any turbulence a bit more…..but we only had a very little amount and not even enough for the seat belt sign to come on, so it was fine ;)


The food was all yummy, and cup noodles on request is always a bonus on long flights to Japan ;P


After arriving at Osaka it was very easy to get to a train for the next leg of the journey; because the station is connected directly to the airport :)

After a couple of transfers where there were less and less people we hopped on to a ferry across to Shikoku; which was a nice chance for a lay down and a nap :P


After the ferry we were met by Y’s parents, and from there our holiday fully began :D

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