Near the beginning of our time in Japan we travelled from Y’s home town back up to Osaka to spend 3 nights in the city :)

Our hotel room was a “semi-double”, a popular room size for affordable hotels in a country where space is at a premium……it’s small but very clean and tidy (this is Japan after all :P), and perfect as somewhere to just come back to at the end of the day.

Osaka is a very interesting city where you’ll always spot something new to investigate ;)

DSC03900DSC03901DSC03903DSC04017 (2)DSC04219DSC04224DSC04235

Some of my favourite places to walk in Osaka are the looooong shopping arcades which seem to go on forever :D


An interesting area to walk around is DenDen Town; Osaka’s answer to Tokyo’s Akihabara… Otaku shopping area, dedicated to anime, video games, hobbies, and pop culture ^^


A very popular tourist destination in Osaka is Dotonbori; where you can see all kinds of huge fun signs above the shops, mostly consisting of giant seafood :D

It may be more crowded after dark but I think that’s the best time to go there to really see the signs at their best…..and then go back again during the day if you want an easier look at them ;P


During the 4 days we spent in Osaka we did a looooot of walking; especially on the days we spent at the big aquarium there and at Universal Studios Japan (all of which I’ll be posting about soon).

Our feet were aching so much at the end of one of the days that we bought some things to soothe them….but we were so tired that we just wanted to get straight to bed and ended up forgetting all about using them ^_^;

Heading back out from Osaka we suffered a slight delay on one train and had to wait for the next one to the ferry terminal….but at least that gave us a chance to just stop and rest a little heh


Back on the ferry there’s usually an opportunity for a nap on the way home ;)


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