Osaka Aquarium: Kaiyukan

The first major attraction we visited whilst in Osaka was the big aquarium: Kaiyukan :)

The aquarium is housed inside 1 huge building by the waterfront and they have a really big variety of all kinds of fish and marine life there…..there’s all kinds of interesting things to see ^^

A lot of aquariums seem to save their “underwater tunnel” for near the end of the route through the exhibits, as a final showpiece…..but in Osaka they have the tunnel as the first thing you go through, and that’s because they have a much more impressive display for you which runs right up through most of the centre of the building ;)

DSC03914-1DSC03936DSC03946DSC03993DSC04007 (6)DSC04011 (4)DSC04012DSC4015 (3)

At Kaiyukan you begin by taking a very long escalator up several stories, and then following the route through the exhibitions you gradually work your way back down to ground level again.

The reason for this is the main feature of the aquarium known as the “Pacific Ocean” tank; which is absolutely massive and has a depth of 9 metres :D

When you first reach this thing you start at the top looking down on it, and you can only see part of it at that point, but already you start to notice how huge it must be.

You gradually work your way around and down the tank, with the big viewing windows giving you the sense of descending deeper and deeper under the water……it’s a mesmerising affect, and we spent ages stopped at every window on the way down just watching the variety of things swimming around and generally staring into the depths :P

There are lots of different fish and other marine life swimming around together, and it’s fun as you see the larger creatures swim past right against the glass……the stars though are a pair of whale sharks; my first time seeing these, and they are biiiiig ^^

DSC03958DSC03969DSC03970DSC03982DSC04006  (2)DSC04006  (3)DSC04011 (1)DSC04011 (17)DSC04011 (15)

When you’re finally able to pry yourself away from the Pacific Ocean tank there’s a touch pool near the end of exhibit route where you have the chance to (gently) touch the backs of a couple of types of ray and sharks :)

Some are hard to the touch, while others are surprisingly squishy / slimy ^_^;

DSC4015 (4)

Kaiyukan is an amazing aquarium, and I’d definitely recommend a visit if you’re ever in Osaka :)

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