500 Type Eva Shinkansen

Whilst in Osaka we took the chance to go and see the special edition 500 type Eva shinkansen when it was stopped at the station :D

The Shinkansen Evangelion Project was launched in 2015 for a special double anniversary celebration; the 40th anniversary of the Sanyo shinkansen route, and the 20th anniversary of the start of the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime TV series…….one of my favourite ever series ^^

For this special project they created 1 specially decorated shinkansen (bullet train); the shape is from the 500 series of trains and the design is based on one of the giant bio mecha from the TV series….there’s even a special seat in the front car which is a reproduction of the pilot’s seat (but you have to win a ticket for a chance to sit in that particular seat)

The 500 type Eva runs once a day on a single return trip up and down the line, and the operation date has been extended to 2018 :)




We didn’t ride on the shinkansen this time, but it looks so cool from the outside that we at least had to go and see it when we knew it was stopped at the station near us :P

Hopefully next time we’re in Japan we’ll ride on it…..and we might even win a ticket to sit in the pilot’s seat if we’re lucky hehe


DSC04298DSC04299 (1)

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