A Quiet Town in Rural Japan :)

Apart from our 3 night trip to Osaka the majority of our time in Japan was spent in Mugi; Y’s home town :)

The town is small and quiet, and a really nice place to stay and feel relaxed…..the main part of the town is by the sea with a small harbour, and there are rice fields and other houses in the more mountainous parts around the outside of the town.

It’s fairly far to go to the nearest city, but it’s nice and peaceful, and it’s part of Japan that a lot of tourists visiting the country probably won’t see.

While we were there it was also peak persimmon and cosmos growing season, so it was nice seeing a lot of fruit growing on trees around the area and carpets of flowers in some of the fields ^^


The town is also very interesting to walk around in after dark.

There aren’t a lot of street lights (they’re quite spaced out) so you get some pretty dark areas to some streets, but it somehow still feels really safe to just be out wandering around…..and times like that provide some really interesting views through gaps between buildings and of shrines in the town, but unfortunately our camera couldn’t do it justice and we just got a lot of blurry photos ^_^;

We managed a couple of nice shots though:


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