Omatsu Daigongen – The Lucky Cat Shrine

About an hour’s drive from Mugi in Tokushima is Omatsu Daigongen…….the lucky cat shrine :D

A lot of shrines in Japan are dedicated to a particular god, deity or spirit with a story / history local to the area where the shrine is, and this one is a shrine to cats :)

The shrine is really interesting to look around, and I’ve never seen so many lucky cats all in one place before >.>

In one of the little buildings there, filled with lucky cat statues, there are pictures around the walls telling the story of the woman and her cat who are deified here.


DSC04382 (2)DSC04383


People often come to this shrine to pray for luck in matters of chance, and nowadays it is particularly popular for students to come here to pray for luck on their exams during the testing period……Y’ even came here when she was a student ;P


More information about the story of this shrine can be found here:
Just scroll down to the part where the title says: “Omatsu Daigongen – Kamo Town, Anan, Tokushima Prefecture”

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