Yakuoji Temple in Hiwasa should look familiar to people who watched the recent ITV series “Joanna Lumley’s Japan”, with its distinct pagoda; it was the last temple she visited in episode 3 during the section she did about the Shikoku 88 Temple Pilgrimage :)

When we first got a glimpse of it on the program we were straight away saying; that looks familiar :P

The temple is not very far from where we were staying in Mugi, and we usually pass here often when we’re in Japan….we’ve been up to the temple once or twice before as well.

It’s a really nice temple to visit if you’re in the area, with lots of very interesting buildings within the temple complex….and of course that cool pagoda at the top ;P

DSC04412DSC04413DSC04414DSC04415DSC04416 (2)DSC04425

I’ve not been up into the pagoda itself yet, but the view from the base of it out across the town is really picturesque ;)


The place we go to more often though is the little free foot bath at the roadside rest area just across the road from the temple :P

On TV the temple may look like it’s in the middle of nowhere, but it’s actually next to a fairly busy road on the edge of Hiwasa town hehe

A new addition to the foot bath since we last came (about 2 years ago) is a fish tank on the middle section, so you can site and watch tropical fish while soaking your feet ^^

The rest area is also connected to the train station, and every now and then you get the local train going past right outside the window while you sit with your feet in the water……but most of the time it’s a single carriage train, so it looks like a toy going past ^_^


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