Japanese Soft Drinks and Canned Coffee

In Japan I’m usually able to find at least a couple of new and interesting soft drinks to try, with some being stranger than others (orange flavoured cola being quite unusual) :)

After each trip to Japan I write at least one blog post about the new tastes I discovered :P

This time round I picked up 2 to try; Melon Cream Soda and Strong Pepsi Cola.

Melon cream soda is quite nice; a strong melon taste but with a hint of vanilla ice cream. And the “strong” cola was a version of Pepsi with a slightly higher caffeine content and a much higher gas volume for more fizz….because of this it’s in a special high pressure bottle….tastes nice ;)


Drink vending machines are everywhere in Japan and a lot of them serve hot and cold drinks from the same machine…..one drink that caught my eye though was American Coffee; I just thought it was funny that the “American” can was bigger than the “Japanese” cans hehe


Also, on strong recommendation by Tommy Lee Jones I made sure to get a Boss canned coffee from a machine :P

He’s been doing these commercials for years :D


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