End of the Trip; Leaving Japan

We had a really great 2 weeks in Japan, each time we see more of what the country has to offer but there’s still soooooo much more to see :D

To make things easier for travelling back we spent the last night at the hotel adjoining Kansai airport……it’s a really nice hotel, so worth using if you’re able :)


For our flight back to Bristol via Amsterdam we were on the Boeing Dreamliner again for the long flight….I hope we get to fly on that again next time, it’s a really nice plane ^^

DSC04541 (3)DSC04541 (4)DSC04544DSC04550

We didn’t have as long at Amsterdam as on the outbound journey, but that just means we get closer to home quicker :)


We bought loads of stuff in Japan as usual, with a lot of it being sent back in a box by post….so when I’ve got some things ready that I have here then there will be more Japan themed posts on the way ;P


Already I can’t wait until the next time we get to visit Japan ^-^

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