Strange Japan

A lot of people outside of Japan have this odd notion that Japan is a “strange” country in some ways….such as; how can a game like pachinko be so nationally popular when it’s essentially just watching little balls bounce off of pegs?

Well actually pachinko is fun to play, and hard to stop playing once you start :P

But there are some actual strange things that you’ll sometimes come across when in Japan……


….things like whatever is going on here? >.>


And where else would you find a claw grabber game where all of the prizes are different coloured hand cuffs? ^_^;


But strange is fun, and although I didn’t spot as much strangeness on this trip compared to previous ones, it may just mean I’m getting used to it :P

But I’m sure Sherlock Bones will tell you that there’s plenty more strange out there to find on the next trip ;)

(I’ll admit the dog clothes are what we brought with us though :P)

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