Christmas Markets 2016

With Christmas fast approaching we’ve been really busy lately, but we managed to get to see a few Christmas markets in the usual cities we visit :)

Some years we’re able to travel a little further out and see other Christmas markets but we at least try to see the “local” ones to us:

Exeter is becoming one of our favourite cities to visit now, as it’s not far down the motorway from us and it’s an easy place to just wander around :P

The Christmas market is held around the outside of the cathedral, and there are usually many interesting stalls to look at :)


The Bristol Christmas market felt a little smaller this year, but there are still plenty of stalls to see stretching along most of the length of Broadmead ;)


As with most years the busiest and biggest Christmas market is the one in Bath held around the abbey and surrounding areas….it’s always worth getting there as early as possible if you want to be able to actually look in the stalls, as when it reaches it’s busiest point in the day you can hardly get moved and can barely stop to look at what’s for sale ^_^;

It’s always a nice market to see though ;P



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2 Responses to Christmas Markets 2016

  1. fairysaddle says:

    I found your blog on Nihon blog Mura and enjoyed reading this post!
    I could feel a festive and cozy mood through the pictures.
    I also paid a visit to a Christmas market in Tokyo and had a good time strolling around!

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