Knightshayes (Revisited)

At the weekend we took a trip down to Knightshayes, a gothic style mansion set within loads of grounds and owned by the National Trust.

We previously visited there in November 2014 , so we wanted to go again for another look :)


This time of year is a kind of “off season” for Knightshayes, so only a selection of rooms are open to the public while they carry out annual conservation on the building and its contents.

There are 2 benefits for going during this time though; you can see some of the conservation techniques which are used to keep these fascinating places in one piece, and unlike last time we were there this time we were allowed to take photos inside the house ^^

The rooms on show at this time were a mix of sparsely furnished and extravagant, so you get an interesting mix to see :)

And rooms like the main hall are especially impressive ;)


Out in the grounds there are lots of nice walking routes  through woods and park lands, and there are willow sculptures on display near the house which look really cool :)


Back at what used to be the stables, which is where you’ll start and finish as the car park is behind them, there is a nice shop and cafe inside……we had lunch there when we arrived, and had cake there before we left :P


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