Castle Drogo

Last weekend we went to Castle Drogo in Devon, which is a country house owned by the National Trust. It was the last castle built in England (1911-1930) and the first 20th Century property acquired by the National Trust :)

The defensive characteristics of the castle are purely decorative since the castle was always intended as a “castle styled” home, and the finished building is only half the size of its original design.

Due to the original owner insisting on a solid wall construction “like a real castle”, against the advice of the architect, the designed cavity wall was in-filled with rubble……subsequently since completion the castle has leaked quite considerably ^_^;


The castle is undergoing a huge conservation project started in 2013 to finally make it water tight; due for completion in 2018.

While the scaffolding is up it may be covering much of the view of the building, but it does give you the chance to go on short guided tours up to the roof via the scaffold ;)

The short talk by the volunteer on duty about the conservation work is very interesting, and the views from the top of the scaffold tower are brilliant ^^


Due to the conservation work being carried out on the structure of the building the inside is not fully furnished, however there are displays in place of art installations and things on the history of the family…….and it’s a very interesting building to walk round even without being filled with things :)


There are formal gardens outside with paths you can follow for walks, but although some flowers were out we were not really there at the right time to get the full effect of the landscaping.


The estate is at the top edge of Dartmoor National Park so there are lots of walks you can take up and down through the gorge, with some really spectacular views out across the countryside :)

On this occasion we just did a short loop, but there are routes which can take a couple of hours to complete if you’re in the mood for it ;P


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