Cotswold Hare Trail 2017 – Cirencester

The Cotswold Hare Trail (A.K.A the Cirencester March Hare Festival) is an annual occurrence in the Cotswolds area where hare statues have been decorated by various artists and placed on display.

The majority of them are in Cirencester and others can be found in many of the villages around the Cotswolds.

The trail opened at the end of March and runs through until September, after which the hares will be auctioned and the profits going to charity :)

We’ve not been to see any of these in previous years so last weekend we decided to drive up to Cirencester to begin our hunt :P

We expected something like the Gromit Unleashed trail; but unfortunately upon arriving in Cirencester and visiting the tourist information shop we were left a bit disappointed to learn that it wasn’t nearly as well organised :/

The man in the shop informed us that although the “trail” was open there were no maps available to say where any of the hares actually were, as the maps weren’t ready yet. Another person came in asking about maps for the trail as well and he showed her a town map and said that would show her where they were if she wanted to buy one……this seemed odd as he’d just told me there were no maps, so I asked him if that map would show me where all of the hares were in Cirencester (as I assumed maybe the maps which weren’t ready were some sort of wider Cotswolds map which would have the whole trail on). He said it would, so I bought one. After we’d gone back outside I opened up the map, and it had none of the hares on for this year’s trail, only some from previous years which are on a walking route around the edge of the town -_-

Not to be defeated we sat in a cafe and went onto the event’s website thinking we could get a map on there (I’d previously had a quick check and seen links for maps)……there were no proper route maps, only markers showing the rough location of the hares >.>

So we used this to put marks onto our bought map of the town and headed out to find the hares :)

As we visited each location we found hares less than 50% of the time though ^_^;

Nevertheless, out of a potential 20 hares we managed to track down 7

If you’re lucky enough to find one of the hares in Cirencester then they’re pretty nice to look at, and it looks like a lot of time and effort was put into making them :)

It’s a shame that there is no information with each hare to tell you its name and who it was by, but they’re still fun to find……and I guess it makes it all the more special when you do find one because they seem to be so hard to find :P


At a later date we’ll probably try to find some of the other hares in other parts of the Cotswolds……..and the Cotswolds is always a nice area to visit anyway ;)

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