The Colosseum in Rome

The first place we visited on our trip to Rome is the most famous landmark in the city; the Colosseum :)

We took the subway from near our hotel, and were surprised when we exited the subway at the other end and the colosseum is suddenly right there in front of you.

Already a loooong line had formed to go inside so we joined the back of that…..the whole time around the colosseum you’ll constantly be asked if you want to join group tours and “skip the line” (you still have a wait in line if you join them, but it is shorter).

Luckily after we’d only been in the line a few minutes I overheard someone talking about the Roma Pass, and learnt that if you’re planning to use your pass to enter (72 hour cards get 2 free entries to attractions, and 48 hour passes get 1) then you can go straight to the group entrance, and therefore skip the massive ticket line :D


Once inside there are routes to follow through the museum sections on the upper levels where you can learn a lot about the building and its history.


I’d say the main draw for this place is the arena at the heart of the colosseum though ;)

The building always looks big when you see images of it, but when you’re actually there you can see how massive it really is >.>

The whole place is huge, and all our photos of it look like pictures of a model because of how tiny all the people look hehe

You can walk pretty much all the way around the inside perimeter looking down at the arena, but it seems like only special groups / tours could go onto the actual arena floor and to the areas below.

The whole place is amazing to see though ^^


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2 Responses to The Colosseum in Rome

  1. Jake Wilding says:

    I love the Colosseum! I’ve been twice but want to go again!

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