Capitoline Museums in Rome

The Capitoline Museums are a group of art and archaeological museums which function together as one single museum.

The museum sits at the top of the Capitoline hill, one of the “seven hills of Rome”, and is said to be the first museum in the world :)

We used our 2nd free entry on our Roma Pass cards to enter the museum and there are loads of interesting things to see inside; especially if you like viewing ancient statues ^^

The inside of the museum is all connected through the various buildings which make up the museum, but it’s a bit of a maze in there with no clear recommended route to follow :/

We managed to see a lot of cool stuff but after coming out we realised that because we didn’t find the basement level at all (which connects under the courtyard to one of the buildings) we missed a whole building of the museum ;>.>

It gives a good excuse for a return visit though ;P

One of the coolest objects we saw on display there was one of Leonardo da Vinci’s original notebooks ^^
(unfortunately you’re not allowed to take photos of it though)


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2 Responses to Capitoline Museums in Rome

  1. Evangelina says:

    Good post. Not too many people write about this sight even though it is really worth a visit. 👍🏻

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