St Peter’s Square, Vatican City in Rome

After spending several hours inside the Vatican Museums we came back out and walked around the outside of the Vatican’s walls towards St Peter’s Square :)

On the way we passed a gate which had Swiss Guards on duty, but because of the wet weather they had their colourful uniforms covered by wet weather cloaks.

Just as we reached the massive outer colonnade of the square it started pouring down with rain so we quickly took shelter under there. We timed it just right because in the next minute the rain became veeeeery heavy ;>.>


When the rain finally stopped we had the chance to go out into the square for a proper look, and it’s somehow surprising how big and wide open the square actually is… certainly is a very impressive space for the pope’s audience to stand in, but I don’t think I’d like to be packed in there when it’s stuffed full of people ^_^;

I originally wanted to go into St Peter’s Basilica, but by the time we arrived it was too late in the day as the line to get in circled nearly the whole square >.>


On our way out though we did get a chance to see the Swiss Guards without their rain coats on ^^


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