Stratford-upon-Avon (back for more)

Last July we made our first visit to Stratford-upon-Avon where we went to see Shakespeare’s birth place and other buildings related to his life in the town.

One of the places was closed during our last visit, and the ticket we had can be used for entry to the buildings again within 12 months, so we went back last weekend for another visit :)


Another thing we missed out on last time was a “Shakespeare duck” which had sold out……there were loooaaads in stock to choose from this time though ;>.>

We also had more time on this visit to walk around the town more, and there are loads of really nice buildings to see; with many of them still in public use as shops / cafes / restaurants, so there are good chances to have a look inside ;)


The place which was closed on our last visit was Shakespeare’s New Place; this was his family home from when he bought it in 1597 up until he died there in 1616.

The original house was demolished in 1759 so the site now contains gardens and an exhibition centre…….judging by the size of the grounds and the available imagery of the house it must have been an impressive place :)


Out in the gardens we also discovered what must be some kind of secret magic door in the brick wall :P


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