St Michael’s Mount

St Michael’s Mount is a small tidal island off the coast of Cornwall, during low tide you can walk across to the island but during high tide to entire path is underwater :)

There have been buildings on the summit since the 12th century and there are still people living on the island today.

In 1954 the mount was given to the National Trust, but the family who’s ancestors have lived in the castle there since around 1650 are still in residence. There are also still around 35 people living in the village around the harbour on the island.

It’s a very popular place to visit so it’s worth arriving early if you go….we arrived in the morning and because the tide was out we could walk across the sand towards the island until we reached the causeway for the last stretch :)


The pathway up to the castle at the top of the island is pretty hard going (especially on a hot day)…..and near the end you’re pretty much just climbing over rocks until you reach the final stairs up to the front door ;>.>

It’s worth the climb though ;)



Inside the castle you’re met by some impressive rooms which really show off the age of the place, and you can see that there’s a lot of history in this building.


As you follow the visitor’s route around the castle you’ll come out onto a roof area where you can enjoy some impressive views from up at that height…..and when you look down onto the gardens below; the people down there look very tiny hehe :P


Back into the castle the tours continues through a really interesting variety of spaces where you can see various things collected by the family over the years :)


I found the walk down from the castle easier than when we were going up, and when you get down into the gardens there are some impressive views back up to the castle where you can see it perched high above you.

We only went around part of the gardens, but what we saw was very nice; there are a lot of different stepped areas, and the growing conditions for some of the plants there must be ideal because some of them were huge >.>


We thought that the tide stayed out until mid-afternoon or later, so we planned to walk back across the causeway from the island…..but as we got back to the harbour area we noticed that the path was already under water and the harbour had filled with water ^_^;

The only way off the island at that point was by ferry (the little boats were continuously going back-and-forth taking people) but after buying an ice-cream and a souvenir before noticing the water had come in we almost didn’t have enough cash left on us to pay for the ferry tickets ;>.>

Luckily we had just enough to cover it and were able to get off the island ;P


Back on the mainland with the tide fully in it was a very different view across to the island compared to when we arrived in the morning :)


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