More Hares :D

A couple of weeks ago we headed back to the Cotswolds to continue our hunt for hares in Stroud and Tetbury :)

In Stroud we were only able to find 1, and there was only 1 in Tetbury anyway but at least that one was easy to find outside the Royal Oak Inn.

We’d not been to Stroud before though, so it was a nice reason to go somewhere new :)


Yesterday we headed to Cheltenham and had our most successful (and easiest) hare hunt so far………we found 6 out of the 7 there, and discovered that Cheltenham has some really nice areas to walk around :D

The first one was in Regent Arcade:


The next was inside Everyman Theatre in Regent Street, just inside by the box office:


Next is outside Beards shop on The Promenade:


Another is inside L’una Design at The Courtyard on Montpellier Street. The shop was closed when we arrived but luckily the hare had been left next to the windows :)


Also on Montpellier Street there is a hare inside Paragon Gallery:


Lastly we found this one outside Revamp on Great Norwood Street:


The only one we didn’t get a chance to see is one which is inside the Holst Museum, but overall we had a very successful hunt and a nice time walking around Cheltenham ;)

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