Henson Pig Trail

When out and about (mainly whilst looking for Cotswold Hares on that trail) recently we spotted a couple of these decorated pig sculptures, and for some reason we assumed that they were ones which had come from a past trail of some sort and were just on general display now. Annoyingly we didn’t think to look into it until it was too late ^_^;



The pigs were part of a sculpture trail much like the Gromit Unleashed trail, and last weekend was the final chance to see them in and around Gloucester ;>.>

The majority of the pigs were in the city of Gloucester itself, so on Sunday we went up there to find as many of them as we could ;P

Luckily most of them were very easy to find, and including the 2 we had previously stumbled across out of the city we managed to see 24 of them :)

All of them are really nice so it’s a shame we didn’t know about these sooner ^_^;

DSC08030DSC08031DSC08032DSC08033DSC08034DSC08035DSC08036DSC08037DSC08038DSC08039DSC08040DSC08041DSC08042DSC08043DSC08044DSC08045DSC8046 (1)DSC8046 (2)DSC8046 (3)DSC8046 (4)DSC8046 (5)DSC8046 (6)DSC8046 (8)

We also spotted a few smaller versions in some shop windows ;)

DSC8046 (10)DSC8046 (14)DSC8046 (11)DSC8046 (12)

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