Bristol Doors Open Day 2017

Bristol Doors Open Day has been and gone again, and as usual there are lots and lots of interesting places opening their doors :)

It’s a great chance to have a look behind the scenes of some places, and to go inside  some other places which you would normally never enter…….it’s just unfortunate that some of the most popular places which need to be booked in advance fill up so insanely fast >.>

The event runs over several days but we only took advantage of it on the Saturday.

The first place we went to is one we’d booked to see: Thrive Renewables Wind Farm in Avonmouth.

We often see the wind turbines when we’re passing the area on the raised section of the motorway, so it was interesting to get the chance for a very up-close look at some of them ^^

The turbines are massive, as expected, but the thing I found most interesting is the whooshing noise as each blade passes above you at its lowest point :P

The queue to see inside one of the turbines took aaaaages, and although interesting to have a look inside it was a little anticlimactic ^_^;

Although the one we looked into didn’t have one it was interesting to learn that some turbines have lifts in them to take engineers to the top, so it’s not only a very loooong ladder which is the means of access.

Inside the marque by the turbine they had set up a lot of interesting information to read regarding the turbines, renewable energy, and the natural ecosystem that springs up around turbines.


We next drove into Bristol city centre where we went to have a look around inside St Mary Redcliffe Church, which is a really amazing church to look at from the outside and from within :)

Unfortunately the roof tours had been cancelled on the day due to not ideal weather conditions (it looks fine in our photos, but there were lots of sudden heavy downpours throughout the day) but visitors were free to wander around inside the church and admire its architecture.


After leaving the church we passed another venue taking part in the open day, so we popped inside for a quick look on board the Sabrina 6. This boat seems to be a floating bar / venue for the Bristol Cruising Club.

Again it was interesting to see inside a place which we would normally never enter :P


By the time we’d finished a late lunch there wasn’t time to go to any of the other venues which had opened for the day, so we returned home with our bounty of free goodies from the wind farm ;)


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