Thatchers Open Day

On Saturday we went along to a free open day at Thatchers Cider where they were giving different tours around the facilities, cider tasting, and other activities and entertainment :)


We arrived not too long after the opening time and already it was starting to get busy, but it was all very well organised and there were a lot of attendants to guide people.

Apart from the trailer ride around the orchards we were able to go on all of the tours; the queue for the trailer ride was huuuuge ^_^;

It was very interesting to see how the automated lines fill cans and bottles, seal them up, and package them ready for shipping. And hearing about how the apples are processed right through from orchard to can/bottle, and seeing the massive tanks where the cider is stored and aged.


There were many varieties of cider available for tasting from the Thatchers range, and a variety of local entertainment to keep people amused while waiting in line for the tours :)


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