Bristol Zoo Gardens

On Friday I took the day off from work and we went out to Bristol Zoo Gardens :)

The zoo has been open since 1836 and it’s the world’s oldest provincial zoo. It’s not a very large zoo compared to some others, but they have a wide variety of species there.

We’ve been to this zoo before, but that was nearly 10 years ago, and before I’d started this blog, so everything felt very new for us again ^^

There are nice garden areas throughout the zoo, and being a weekday it was not too busy, so we were able to walk around easily.


There are lots of different animals, insects, and fish to see, and all of them have areas in their habitats designed to mimic the natural environments which they would normally live in.

It’s really good that the animals have indoor and outdoor spaces which they can move freely between as they like, and even if they choose to go inside it is still possible for visitors to view them through windows.

It was a fun day out, and it’s so easy to just stay watching animals for ages because of how fascinating they are to watch just going about their business ^^


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