Redwood Farm

On the edge of Cribbs Causeway in Bristol there is a restaurant called Redwood Farm, which is known for its brilliant carvery…..and unlike most places they don’t only do carvery on a Sunday.

A colleague at work told me about it so we went to check it out a while back. You can have a small, standard, or large carvery (which relates to plate size, you can essentially have as much as you like from the large vegetable selection with your carvery, as long as it fits on your plate). We each had a standard size, which filled us right up and was really yummy :)

This time Y’ and I went and each had a small carvery, which was still a good size, and the reason we were trying to save stomach space was……

HUGE CAAAAAAKE!! O_o and ice creeeeaaaam O.O

We’d spotted these on our first visit, but were far too full to even consider taking some home… this time we came with the plan of having a small carvery and then trying out the dessert ;P

It’s a little hard to really get a feel of the size of those cakes, but that slice I had from one was like 3 slices of a “normal” sized cake ;>.>

It was very yummy though ;)

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