Meat Sushi

Not all sushi in Japan is raw fish, in fact not all of it is even fish……or vegetables; meat sushi seems to be a popular thing now >.>

I do like the “traditional” raw fish sushi (my favourite is tuna) but one that I like a lot and will usually get when we eat at a conveyor sushi restaurant is braised salmon with cheese :)

With the popularity of sushi sold in British supermarkets now I think that a lot more people now know about non-fish sushi (cucumber, avocado etc), but a new one for me which I tried on this trip was cheese hamburg sushi…….basically melted cheese on top of beef burger meat, on top of rice. A bit unexpected but quite nice ;P

Another new thing for us on this trip was that at one of the conveyor sushi chains you get greeted by a Pepper-kun robot ^^

At another conveyor sushi chain there was an even better example of this new breed of (meat) sushi; a limited time meat festival >.>

I think we managed to try each one of the meat sushi there, with different types of chicken, pork, and beef sushi on offer…….it was a bit unusual, but yummy ;)

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