Gromit Unleashed 2! (part 1)

Back in 2013 I documented our quest to see all 80 Gromit sculptures on the Gromit Unleashed trail ,
and now between 2nd July and 2nd September it’s time for Gromit Unleashed 2! :D

This time around there are 67 sculptures in and around the Bristol area, and it’s not only Gromit; there are sculptures of Wallace and Feathers McGraw as well :)

Like the last time Gromit was unleashed; all donations and money spent in the shop goes to The Grand Appeal children’s charity. This time you can even donate directly at some of the sculptures.

As before you can pick up a map which has the locations of all of the sculptures on it, split into groups, or “Trails” to make them easy to find….So far I’ve seen the maps at the Gromit Unleashed shop in The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, and in Bristol Tourist Information Centre.

You can also download an app which makes it even easier to find the sculptures as you can set it to track which one you are closest to (the app is not free but all monies go to the charity)

After September 2nd all of the sculptures will be removed for cleaning, and then from the 15th to the 30th they will all be on display together at The Mall at Cribbs Causeway. Following this on October 3rd they will all be sold at auction, again with all money raised going to the charity :)

So without further ado, let’s get cracking ^^

Our first hunt was around the Harbourside Trail….although not in numerical order, and we didn’t get to one of them by St Mary Redcliffe, but we’ve ticked off 17 sculptures already ;P

“Oh, Bollards!” can be found outside the Aardman offices, and “Wallambard” is outside the SS Great Britain:

“Alex the Lion” is in Museum Square outside M Shed, and “Gromitronic” is inside M Shed on the ground floor. Gromitronic is one of a few special sculptures which move in some way (his eyes and tail move):

“Oceans 2: Yellow Sub” is inside M Shed on the 1st floor at the far end of the building (the screen on its side displays video feeds from several cameras which it switches between on a timer, including a camera in its own periscope and one in the periscope of “Oceans 1: Deep Blue”), and “Space Oddi-tea” is in Wapping Wharf:

“Honeydew” is outside Arnolfini, and “Bristol’s Own” is in the middle of Queen Square:

“Fangs McGraw” is inside Stanfords on Corn Street, and “Wallace” is near The Cenotaph on Colston Avenue:

“Long John Wallace” is at the top of Cascade Steps, and “Prima Featherina” is inside the Bristol Marriott Royal Hotel (follow the penguin footprints on the floor from the lobby):

“Gnome Sweet Gnome” is on College Green, and “The Wallace Collection” is outside Hargreaves Lansdown on Anchor Road:

“A Grand Tribute” is in Millennium Square, and “Oceans 1: Deep Blue” is inside We The Curious (previously known as @Bristol). Like Oceans 2 the screen on the side of Oceans 1 displays video feeds from several cameras which it switches between on a timer, including a camera in its own periscope and one in the periscope of “Oceans 2: Yellow Sub”.

And last but not least “Feathertron 3000” (my favourite sculpture of the day) is inside Bristol Energy Hub, which is next to Bristol Tourist Information Centre on the harbourside:

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