The Cherhill White Horse and Lansdowne Monument

Last weekend we drove across to Wiltshire to go for a walk up to the Cherhill White Horse :)

The horse is a hill figure dating from the 18th century, and it’s the 3rd oldest white horse in Great Britain. Also up on the hill is a large stone obelisk called the Lansdowne Monument, built in 1845….the land on the hill (including the horse) and the obelisk are owned and maintained by the National Trust and are part of a type of hill fort; Oldbury Castle.

Unfortunately because of its exposure to the elements and the type of stone it is made from, the Lansdowne Monument is half obscured by boarding which keeps it protected, so you can’t really get a good look at it from up close when passing it on the footpath.

The walk up and around the horse, and back down again, is a fairly easy one with easy to follow paths….and the views from the top of the hill stretch far and wide, even on wet days like when we were there :P

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