DogFest West :D

On Saturday we went to DogFest West at Ashton Court in Bristol :D

It’s a big festival for dogs and their owners to enjoy a fun day out centred around your canine family members ;)

At the festival were are lots of stalls from companies selling food. leashes, beds, and other things for dogs. Also charity stalls, and health and fitness stalls (vets, activity trackers etc).

There was also plenty of food stalls for humans as well ;P

At the far end of the field was a “splash zone” for dogs to cool off in shallow paddling pools, near a stage with live music on throughout the day. It was very hot and sunny Saturday so the splash zone was a great place for our pup to lower her temperature, but there were also lots of water bowls all around the festival for your dogs to have a much needed drink :)

Several areas in the centre of the festival area  had various demonstrations throughout the day; including agility, and dancing ^^

There were areas for your dog to try their own paw at some activity courses, and a big diving pool which was fun to watch as the dogs made some great leaps out into the water.

Talks were also held during the day inside a big tent, including some from celebrity speakers.

A lot of the stalls were also giving away free samples and goody bags :D

The festival ran on both days over the weekend, and it was a really fun day…..we definitely want to go again next year ^-^

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