Henson Pig Trail

When out and about (mainly whilst looking for Cotswold Hares on that trail) recently we spotted a couple of these decorated pig sculptures, and for some reason we assumed that they were ones which had come from a past trail of some sort and were just on general display now. Annoyingly we didn’t think to look into it until it was too late ^_^;



The pigs were part of a sculpture trail much like the Gromit Unleashed trail, and last weekend was the final chance to see them in and around Gloucester ;>.>

The majority of the pigs were in the city of Gloucester itself, so on Sunday we went up there to find as many of them as we could ;P

Luckily most of them were very easy to find, and including the 2 we had previously stumbled across out of the city we managed to see 24 of them :)

All of them are really nice so it’s a shame we didn’t know about these sooner ^_^;

DSC08030DSC08031DSC08032DSC08033DSC08034DSC08035DSC08036DSC08037DSC08038DSC08039DSC08040DSC08041DSC08042DSC08043DSC08044DSC08045DSC8046 (1)DSC8046 (2)DSC8046 (3)DSC8046 (4)DSC8046 (5)DSC8046 (6)DSC8046 (8)

We also spotted a few smaller versions in some shop windows ;)

DSC8046 (10)DSC8046 (14)DSC8046 (11)DSC8046 (12)

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More Hares :D

A couple of weeks ago we headed back to the Cotswolds to continue our hunt for hares in Stroud and Tetbury :)

In Stroud we were only able to find 1, and there was only 1 in Tetbury anyway but at least that one was easy to find outside the Royal Oak Inn.

We’d not been to Stroud before though, so it was a nice reason to go somewhere new :)


Yesterday we headed to Cheltenham and had our most successful (and easiest) hare hunt so far………we found 6 out of the 7 there, and discovered that Cheltenham has some really nice areas to walk around :D

The first one was in Regent Arcade:


The next was inside Everyman Theatre in Regent Street, just inside by the box office:


Next is outside Beards shop on The Promenade:


Another is inside L’una Design at The Courtyard on Montpellier Street. The shop was closed when we arrived but luckily the hare had been left next to the windows :)


Also on Montpellier Street there is a hare inside Paragon Gallery:


Lastly we found this one outside Revamp on Great Norwood Street:


The only one we didn’t get a chance to see is one which is inside the Holst Museum, but overall we had a very successful hunt and a nice time walking around Cheltenham ;)

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Montacute House Revisited

Last weekend after visiting Tintinhull Garden we went on to Montacute House, which is only 10 minutes away from Tintinhull :) https://spinner182.wordpress.com/2017/08/15/tintinhull-garden/ 

We last went to Montacute in 2015 and although we had a nice time there the weather was wet at that time, so this time it was nice to be able to see it on a brighter day. https://spinner182.wordpress.com/2015/10/27/montacute-house/


Inside this huge Elizabethan mansion there are many large impressive spaces, and there are a lot of very interesting Tudor paintings to view throughout the house :)

The Long Gallery up on the 2nd floor is still impressive on a repeat viewing, and I think on this 2nd visit to the house it was nice spotting details throughout the building which we had overlooked the 1st time.


With the weather outside being much drier and brighter than our last visit we were able to take our time walking around the gardens.

It’s a very nice easy place to walk around because most of it is flat, with just a few small sets of steps between some areas.

There were loads of sheep out grazing in the surrounding parklands this time, but we didn’t go out into the park…..maybe next time :P


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