Meat Sushi

Not all sushi in Japan is raw fish, in fact not all of it is even fish……or vegetables; meat sushi seems to be a popular thing now >.>

I do like the “traditional” raw fish sushi (my favourite is tuna) but one that I like a lot and will usually get when we eat at a conveyor sushi restaurant is braised salmon with cheese :)

With the popularity of sushi sold in British supermarkets now I think that a lot more people now know about non-fish sushi (cucumber, avocado etc), but a new one for me which I tried on this trip was cheese hamburg sushi…….basically melted cheese on top of beef burger meat, on top of rice. A bit unexpected but quite nice ;P

Another new thing for us on this trip was that at one of the conveyor sushi chains you get greeted by a Pepper-kun robot ^^

At another conveyor sushi chain there was an even better example of this new breed of (meat) sushi; a limited time meat festival >.>

I think we managed to try each one of the meat sushi there, with different types of chicken, pork, and beef sushi on offer…….it was a bit unusual, but yummy ;)

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Toyota Tecno Museum

Toyota Tecno Museum, or to give it its full name; Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology (bit of a mouthful) is a museum in Nagoya charting the rise of the Toyoda family (that’s not a spelling mistake)  :)

Sakichi Toyoda was an inventor who patented many loom systems for fabric weaving and revolutionised loom technology.

The museum is housed in one of the original buildings which formed part of the loom factory’s complex, and the first section of the museum is all about the development of Toyoda’s loom machines with the continual improvements he was making to produce better and better machines.

The museum is filled with many of the looms he invented, and you can see their development over time.

We were lucky to arrive just in time for the start of a free guided tour in English, and our group of 4 had the guide all to ourselves ^^

The other area of the museum charts the history of the Toyota motor company, and our friendly guide continued our tour around this part too :)

The reason for the company name change from the family name of Toyoda to Toyota is supposedly because it sounds sleeker, and when written in katakana it takes 8 strokes to write and 8 is a lucky number.

Here you can learn about the challenges facing the company as it researched and developed its first motor vehicles, and the history of those vehicles leading through to modern cars.

There are also robotic factory rigs which demonstrate automatic car assembly, and massive pattern stamping machines which punch out parts for making the cars…’s pretty cool stuff ^^

In the lobby by the gift shop and cafe you can even see some musical Toyota robots :)

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Asahi Brewery, Nagoya

Whilst we were in Nagoya visiting one of Y’s aunties and her family we all went to the Asahi brewery for a free guided tour :)

We were lucky as well in that our family group were the only ones booked for that time slot, so it was just us and the guide ^^

Asahi is one of the largest beer manufacturers in Japan and you can buy their main offering, Asahi Super Dry, here in the UK.

The tour guide led us round the factory giving information in Japanese, but I was given an audio guide so that I could listen to the info in English each time we arrived at numbered markers…….. One interesting/strange thing is that before we went upstairs to the viewing corridors which overlook the factory floors my audio guide said that from there onward I would not be allowed to take any kind of photos. But Y’ said that our Japanese guide didn’t mention anything to that affect, so we just carried on snapping away ;)

The window lined viewing corridor is a great way to see the factory areas as you can look right out over the space, and look down onto the machinery, without all of the noise. If you were down on the factory floor you would get a closer look at the machines but a lot of it would be obscured from your view.

It was interesting to see things like can whizzing along conveyors on their way to be filled and capped, before travelling on to packaging and then onward ready for shipping.

The tour lasted about 45 minutes, and at the end of that you are taken into the canteen area where a table will be reserved for you. You then have 20 minutes and you can have 3 free glasses of beer >.>

There were 3 different draft beers for us to try; Asahi Super Dry, Asahi Dry Black, and a soon to be released (at the time we were there) limited edition beer Asahi Nama Beer.

For people who are driving, under age, or those who don’t drink alcohol there are cans of coffee and soft drinks available…….Y’s Dad was our designated driver and he had to where a tag around his neck showing this; so that the staff could keep an eye on him and make sure he didn’t try to sneak a taste of beer :P

After your tasting session there is a small gift shop to have a look in.

There’s a British clothing brand called “Super Dry” which has Japanese writing in a lot of its designs, but it’s no relation to the Asahi company. It’s very popular and you see people wearing it all over the place in the UK……I have some Super Dry clothing but since we were here I had to make sure I got a proper “Asahi Super Dry” T-shirt like you won’t see so easily in the UK ;P

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