Trelissick House and Gardens

Trelissick is an estate owned by the National Trust near Falmouth in Cornwall, it consists of a large house with stables and outbuildings, and it’s surrounded by gardens and woodlands :)

When you arrive at Trelissick you’ll pass a Victorian gothic water tower which looks like something from a fairytale. It teases you from behind a high wall, but there’s no access to the public >.>



The main house is only open to visitors on the ground floor but there are some impressive rooms to see, and it really gives you a feel for how grandly the family lived here.

As with a lot of wealthy families in Cornwall the family here grew their fortune in the mining industry, and they became very rich.


Outside the house there a lots of pathways which you can follow for some really nice walks around the grounds.

We picked a circular route and a lot of it was on very easy paths which were mostly flat, so it’s a nice relaxing place to walk around and view all of the many flowers in bloom :)


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Trerice is a Tudor manor house near Newquay in Cornwall which has been owned by the National Trust since 1953.

The house was restored when the National Trust purchased it and it’s now a very nice Elizabethan house to look around :)

There are gardens and orchards around the house in its grounds, and Tudor lawn games for you to try out for yourself ;P


Inside the main hall Y’ and I had far too much fun trying on lots of different types of period style armour….I think between us we tried on nearly every peace ^_^;

It’s surprising how heavy some of the helmets are though ;>.>


Around the rest of the house there are lots of interesting rooms to see, and there is a lot of really impressive original plaster work on the ceilings.

I don’t think we’ve been to many houses of this period, so it was really great to go see it whilst we were in the area ^^


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East Pool Mine

East Pool Mine in Cornwall was a copper, and then tin, mine which was worked from the early 18th century up until 1945. There are still 2 beam engines in place above the shafts, and you can go up inside one of them :)

The mine has been in the care of the National Trust since 1967 and there is small museum / discovery centre in the buildings around the engine house at Taylor’s shaft; which is the newer, and bigger of the 2.


Outside the discovery centre you can walk around the outside of the original buildings which date from around 1920, but we weren’t able to go up inside the engine tower, and there is no access to the mineshafts themselves.

It’s still very interesting to see these remains of a major industry though.


Across the road at Michell’s shaft they had the beam engine running and we were able to go up inside the engine house ^^

From outside these things look big, but when you’re inside near the top and the beam is going up and down right next to you it looks huuuuge >.>

This original shaft was closed 1921 due to a rock fall, but the shaft used to go down as far as 160 metres….after this the newer shaft at Taylor’s was started.


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