Stourhead (Revisited)

At the weekend we paid a return visit to Stourhead, which we last went to in June 2014

The lake garden at Stourhead is huge, and there are lots of spots around its edges which are ideal for having a picnic on the grass :)

Just after we started eating we spotted a duck running around the edge of the lake from over near the bridge… ran from there all the way over to us to come and see if we’d give it any food >.>

We were joined by several other ducks which came to investigate while we ate, but after a while they gave up and ran over to other people having picnics to try their luck there hehe


A lot of the garden was in bloom, and the walk around the lake is really nice and on flat ground.

With the decorative little temples and things dotted around along the path it’s a very pleasant place ^^


Last time we came the largest temple was covered with scaffolding for repair work, so we couldn’t go inside.

This time we were able to have a look around though :)

This temple is modelled after the Pantheon in Rome, so it was interesting to get to see this decorative temple so soon after we’d seen the real one in Italy ^^


After walking around the gardens we headed up to the house for another look inside there.

Like last time we came; only the ground floor is open to visitors, but there are some really nice rooms to look around on your way through.

It’s easy to see how the owner of the house was inspired by Italian design in here as well as outside in his garden :)

In the library there is even a feature window with a reproduction of part of Raphael’s “The School of Athens”; another thing which we saw the original of during our recent trip to Rome……we didn’t even know this was there when we visited this house before ;>.>

Just goes to show how it’s well worth revisiting places again in the future, to see things you might’ve missed before ;)


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Victorian Soldiers at Tyntesfield :)

During May every year at Tyntesfield they hold their annual Victorian Festival; this weekend we went to see the Victorian soldiers and artillery there :)

Over the weekend the re-enactors have a small field camp set up on the estate, and at various times throughout the day they demonstrate various drills and manoeuvres.

It’s fun to watch, and if you’re not prepared then the first time they fire the artillery gun it will make you jump :P


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Cotswold Hare Trail 2017 – Hunt for Hares

On Saturday we went for a drive around the Cotswolds area, with stops at a few places to try and find some of the hares on the trail that we started in Cirencester

They don’t make it easy to find them ;>.>

Using the website for the trail we wrote down the locations of 9 hares which we hoped to find…….we found 6 ^_^;

There are some nice designs on these hares though, and here is how to find them if you are also on the hunt :P

The first one we found was at Sudley Castle in Winchcombe. The hare is in the corner of the outside seating area for the cafe at the reception building.

There is supposed to be another hare in Winchcombe town centre as well, but we couldn’t find anywhere to park the car to look for it.


Next we went to Broadway where there are 2 which are nice and easy to find :)

There is one outside the Lygon Arms, and there is one inside a shop called Cotswold Trading.


We then drove towards Moreton-in-Marsh and on the way there we stopped at Batsford Arboretum. To find the hare there walk through the garden centre to the cafe near the back, and near there are some doors to an outside area where you’ll find the hare.


At Moreton-in-Marsh there is a shopping arcade called Old Market Way where we found the next hare close to the entrance.

There was another hare listed as “opposite Cotswold Grey” but we couldn’t find it. We asked inside the Cotswold Grey shop and the lady there had no idea what we were talking about ^_^;


The last one we found was in Stow-on-the-Wold at the Sheep Hotel. The hare is in the entrance lobby / reception for the hotel rooms, which is next to the main entrance into the pub.

There is another hare inside the library as well, but unfortunately we got there after they had closed, and the hare can’t be seen from the outside……a nice lady at the market in the building showed us a photo of the hare from when it was being unloaded that morning and it looks like a nice one. So we may make another stop back there to see it now we know where it is :)

A bit strange that it had just been delivered that day when the trail was supposed to have started weeks ago… wonder there are so many which we can’t find even when we have their supposed location ^_^;;


It was good that we managed to see another 6 of them, and it was fun looking for them :)

On another weekend we’ll drive around and hunt for some more at other Cotswold towns ;)

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