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Gundam Deathscythe-Hell Custom

Gundam Wing was the very first Gundam anime that I watched, and now I’ve finally got one of the Gundams from that series :) Well, technically this one is from Endless Waltz, which is the Gundam Wing OVA….but it’s all … Continue reading

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Doodles :)

At the moment it’s winter vacation for the schools here, so there are no students at my school…..but I still have to go in to my office everyday; because it’s in my contract that I should be there 8 hours … Continue reading

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Stuff…..A Lot of Stuff ^^

When we came back from Japan, as is usual for us, we brought a loooot of stuff with us :P Kitchen stuff (sauces etc), snacks, souvenirs, gifts, and more…..here are photos of just some of it ^_^; Among the snacks … Continue reading

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