Welcome to my blog ^^

This is where I write about where I go, what I do, and things I like.

For 2 years I worked in South Korea as an English Teacher; so there are a lot of posts on here about things in Korea.

My wife is Japanese, and I’m really interested in Japan, so I sometimes write about Japan, and we go there for holidays, so I write about Japanese things too :)

While in Korea I started an on going little “sprite comic” that I make every now and then. The characters are based on me, my wife, and people we know or meet ^^

If you have any questions, or want extra info, about something I post a blog about then feel free to post a comment under the relevant entry. I will check and reply to all comments / messages, even if they are on old posts ;)


2 Responses to About

  1. Steve Fraser says:

    I work for a road safety charity called Brake, you took a pic of the poo bus in Bristol, can we please use it in a kids illustrated book about climate change?
    Please call Steve xxxxx xxxxxx, thanks

    • Spinner182 says:

      Hello Steve,

      If you could please reply with an email address to contact you on, and let me know which of the photos you would like to use, I can then send you the original photo file for use in your book :)

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