Shibas at Porthcawl :D

On Sunday we went to another fun fun shiba meetup, this time in Porthcawl, Wales :D

Porthcawl is between Cardiff and Swansea on the south coast of Wales. It was our first time there and it looks like a nice seaside town.

We walked down to a part of the beach called Sandy Bay where there dogs could enjoy themselves on the sand ^^

It was nice to see many shibas playing together again, and our pup had fun sprinting around, playing with other dogs, and digging in the sand ;)

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Bournemouth Christmas Tree Wonderland

Last Sunday we went to see Bournemouth Christmas Market :)

The selection of stalls selling things for gifts felt a little less than what we’ve seen at other Christmas markets, but there were a lot of stalls in one area selling a big variety of different hot food things for eating there at the market, which made it an interestingly different market ;P

We decided to go late in the afternoon so that we could see the stalls lit up, and they all looked really good with their lights on ^^

There was a nice surprise for us in the park by the Christmas market as well; because we didn’t know about the “Bournemouth Christmas Tree Wonderland” before we came haha. So it was also lucky that we had already decided to come after dark :D

This area looked really good all lit up in the dark. There were lots of different trees all covered in lights of different colours.

The centrepiece was a massive tree that you could walk through the middle of, and at certain times a selection of music would play and the lights would change colours and patterns along with the music; it was really nice to watch ^^

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Castle Drogo Gorge Walk

Last weekend we went down to Devon to Castle Drogo, a National Trust property :)

We have visited once before, a couple of years ago:
but this time we went just to walk in the gorge there, not to go inside the castle itself, so I’m not counting this in my revisited series :P

It’s a really nice area for a walk, and when you’re higher up in the gorge the views out across the countryside are amazing ^^

It’s quite an easy walk as well; apart from a short stepped area the majority of the route we followed was along flat paths and gentle slopes.

It’s a nice time of year to go as the trees start to change colour, and we spotted many different types of mushroom along the track, which were interesting to look at.

Starting the walk at the castle the track eventually splits into 2 opposite directions, so we’re planning to go back again another day to try walking the other way :)

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