Japanese “Gacha Gacha”

In Japan you’ll see vending machines absolutely everywhere, but you’ll also see Gacha Gacha machines everywhere as well :)

Every supermarket, shopping mall, department store, and even some local shops will have these things usually near the entrances……and that’s just a few of the places they can be found.

In one department store I think I saw more gacha gacha machines together in one place than I’ve ever seen before >.>

They dispense little capsules with a toy inside and there are all sorts of different ones to collect, and for all ages. At the moment it seems like soft squishy things are very popular to collect.

We found this time that there are also banks of machines at the airport; maybe as a result of capsule collecting becoming more and more popular with foreign tourists…..it’s a good way to use up spare coins before you fly home though ;P

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Japanese Soft Drinks

In Japan they always seem to have such interesting soft drinks available, sometimes as limited editions and sometimes just as part of standard ranges, and so I always keep a look out for ones I haven’t tried before :)

I found some good ones on this latest trip:

Peach flavoured Coca-Cola and Fanta; the Fanta was quite nice, but I wasn’t so keen on peach coke

day 3 (272)

Coca-Cola Frozen; an interesting idea for during hot seasons, the taste was normal coke with lemon, but the straw which is fixed inside the packaging was too short to be able to drink all of the contents :/

“Clear” drinks seemed to be the in thing, bottles which look like they contain still water but taste like a different drink altogether >.>

Premium Morning Tea is the first one we found and tried, expecting it to maybe have a mild taste of tea to it, and it was really tasty……it tasted exactly as if we’d bought a normal bottle of chilled Royal Milk Tea :D

The clear Calpis was impressive as well, with a good taste of Calpis to it, but the Clear Latte was a little disappointing after the tea with only a mild latte taste to it.

We wanted to get more of the clear tea to bring home with us for family/friends to try, but was never able to find any again after that first time for some reason :(

Coca-Cola Plus; this has extra vitamins and minerals added to it as a healthier version of Coca-Cola, but whatever was in there had just ruined the taste I thought ^_^;

day6 (122)

Pepsi J-cola Midnight; this was Pepsi cola with a mild blackcurrant flavour to it, and out of the carbonated drinks we tried this one was my favourite :)

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2 Weeks of Japanese Food ^-^

During our latest trip to Japan we ate a looooooot of yummy foods there, as usual ;)

Before we make the trip from the UK to Japan we usually try to think of all of the foods we want to eat whilst we are there, and I think we managed to get through our list through the course of the trip, and eat some more yummy things too ^^

There are just too many yummy foods in Japan and some of what we ate included:
sushi (of course), Mr Donuts doughnuts, okonomiyaki, gyoza, ramen, shabu-shabu, udon, kakigori, omurice, hamburg steak, karaage, yakitori, tonkotsu, sashimi, curry rice, green tea ice cream…..and much more :P

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