Montacute House Revisited

Last weekend after visiting Tintinhull Garden we went on to Montacute House, which is only 10 minutes away from Tintinhull :) 

We last went to Montacute in 2015 and although we had a nice time there the weather was wet at that time, so this time it was nice to be able to see it on a brighter day.


Inside this huge Elizabethan mansion there are many large impressive spaces, and there are a lot of very interesting Tudor paintings to view throughout the house :)

The Long Gallery up on the 2nd floor is still impressive on a repeat viewing, and I think on this 2nd visit to the house it was nice spotting details throughout the building which we had overlooked the 1st time.


With the weather outside being much drier and brighter than our last visit we were able to take our time walking around the gardens.

It’s a very nice easy place to walk around because most of it is flat, with just a few small sets of steps between some areas.

There were loads of sheep out grazing in the surrounding parklands this time, but we didn’t go out into the park…..maybe next time :P


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Tintinhull Garden

Tintinhull Garden is an arts and crafts style garden owned (along with a grade 1 listed house) by the National Trust in the village of Tintinhull, Somerset.

The garden was developed in its current style in the early 20th century and is divided by high walls and hedges into different self contained gardens :)

The gardens have a nice variety with each one being in a different style, and they are nice to walk around on a sunny day ^^


The house originated as a small farm house from around 1630 and was enlarged to its current form in the 18th century.

The house can be rented from the National Trust as a holiday let, so because of this only a couple of the downstairs rooms are open to the public for general viewing.


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Hanbury Hall

Hanbury Hall is an 18th century house which is now owned by the National Trust in Worcestershire. When the National Trust first obtained the house and its lands it was let to tenants and only sometimes open to the public; nowadays though it is open to the public every day :)

The house looks really nice from the front and it has a very different style compared to many of the other houses we’ve visited.


The main feature of the house is the painted area around the staircase which was done by the English painter Sir James Thornhill depicting scenes from the story of Achilles.

There’s so much detail in the painting and it’s amazing to think that it’s just painted directly onto the wall >.>


The rest of the house has some very interesting rooms, and if you join one of the guided tours in the morning there are some very interesting stories to hear about the lives of the family which lived here :)


Out in the grounds around the house there are various gardens which are nice to walk around, and the way in which they are separated mean that you’re never quite sure what you’ll find as you move between each one :)


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