The Beast Meets Emma

Usually we don’t get snow where we live, but it seems like each time we move home there will be heavy snow where we are during the first winter >.>

And so it was at the end of last week when “The Beast from the East” met storm Emma coming up from the South.

Tuesday saw the first of the snow falling, and although it was forecast I was surprised at just how much of it settled on the ground:

By the end of Wednesday it had pretty much all melted though :/


On Thursday it started coming down steadily during the afternoon, and I had to leave work a little early to make sure that I could get home ;>.>

By the time I got home everything was covered again, and with the wind pushing it the snow had started to form deeper drifts in places.

The snow and wind continued overnight, and by Friday morning things were decidedly buried outside ^_^;

My office closed for the day (my car was very stuck so I had no chance of making it to work anyway) so we were free to enjoy the snow ^^

We walked over to the nearby parkland, and were not surprised to see so many people having fun on the hill…….a shame we didn’t have our own sledge though :(

On Saturday a lot of the snow had melted, but thanks to the deep drifts we had in the garden and against the car; there was still plenty to build a snowman with ;P

The day before the snow had been too powdery, and it wouldn’t stick together, but now it was perfect for building with……we made the biggest snowman we’ve every done (at 6ft tall), and still had enough snow remaining to make a whole family of snowmen…..but the rain was starting, and so playtime in the snow had to end ^_^;

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Year of the Dog 2018

Last Friday was Chinese New Year, and the start of the year of the dog, so on Saturday we went in to Bristol to Wei Yee Hong, a Chinese supermarket where they hold a celebration every Chinese New Year :)

We’ve been a couple of times before, but didn’t go the last 2 years. From previous experience though we knew that we needed to get there early as it’s a popular event :P

When we went a few years back for the year of the horse there were mounted police officers meeting and greeting visitors, and showing off their horses. This year the local police were there with a couple of police vans where cadets were showing some of the equipment to people, and you could look around inside the vehicles. There was also a dog unit with some friendly K9s….probably not the same dogs which would be used to catch people; either sniffer dogs or just PR dogs heh

(unfortunately with everybody wanting to see the animals when they turned up we were not able to get a photo of them)

There were food stalls selling a variety of Asian cuisines, and being there early meant that we could easily look around before it got very busy a bit later.

There were several performances by various local clubs; dancing, singing, kung fu demonstration which were all held on a stage for everyone to enjoy

The main attraction though which I think everyone had come for, was the lion dance. They had a group which came up from Southampton with 2 lions.

They were really good…..they way they moved and blinked their eyes was really effective.

As part of the dance and blessings which the lions perform they throw oranges, fortune cookies, and candy out into the crowd, which is supposed to bring luck if you catch it…….I very nearly caught an orange, but I was wearing gloves so it bounced out of my hand. It then hit Y’ in the head though so we got it anyway :P

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Redwood Farm

On the edge of Cribbs Causeway in Bristol there is a restaurant called Redwood Farm, which is known for its brilliant carvery…..and unlike most places they don’t only do carvery on a Sunday.

A colleague at work told me about it so we went to check it out a while back. You can have a small, standard, or large carvery (which relates to plate size, you can essentially have as much as you like from the large vegetable selection with your carvery, as long as it fits on your plate). We each had a standard size, which filled us right up and was really yummy :)

This time Y’ and I went and each had a small carvery, which was still a good size, and the reason we were trying to save stomach space was……

HUGE CAAAAAAKE!! O_o and ice creeeeaaaam O.O

We’d spotted these on our first visit, but were far too full to even consider taking some home… this time we came with the plan of having a small carvery and then trying out the dessert ;P

It’s a little hard to really get a feel of the size of those cakes, but that slice I had from one was like 3 slices of a “normal” sized cake ;>.>

It was very yummy though ;)

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