Tyntesfield in the Mist

A couple of weeks ago we headed to Tyntesfield to see the house all decorated for Christmas.

The weather wasn’t particularly great as we headed out, but it actually turned out to provide a really interesting new look at the house and estate; the whole place was shrouded in mist >.>

It was really interesting how the house appeared out of the mist as we walked towards it, and it made it feel as if we were passing back through time to emerge at this large Victorian residence :)

As usual the inside of the house was really nicely decorated throughout, lots of amazing Christmas trees everywhere ^^

Each year they also have a group of actors in the house playing the parts of various family members and staff, which adds nicely to the whole festive feel :)

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Windy :S

It’s been extremely windy here over the last few days, and on Wednesday the strong gusts of wind blew one of our fence panels down ;>.>

So we learned one of the “joys” of owning a house; if something breaks, you have to fix it yourselves :P

The good thing is that we didn’t have to wait for somebody else to get around to doing it, because it was our responsibility we just got on and did it that evening after I finished work……although working out in the dark when the security light keeps turning off every few minutes is a bit awkward ^_^;

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Christmas Markets 2017

This year we only managed to get out to see 2 Christmas markets, but they were both good :)

They were both markets which we go to every year; Bristol and Bath.

The Bristol market seemed better than than it has the last couple of years….the stalls looked more varied and the “signature” buildings were all really interesting to see :)

The Bath Christmas market is always very good, and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular ^^

It gets bigger and bigger every year, and it’s now spread out over quite a few streets.

There are some really nice stalls there, but as the day goes on it gets soooooo busy that it becomes almost impossible to actually look at anything on the stalls ;>.>

If you want to have a proper look then you definitely need to start there early ;P

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