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Wait, what? @_@

The other day I was playing Red Dead Redemption, when something strange happened :/ I started a cut scene for a mission, when suddenly the screen froze, but the dialogue continued as normal, and something was missing….. Excuse me sir, … Continue reading

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Dyed In The Wool :)

I was busy while playing Minecraft :P I collected a lot of materials, dyed a load of sheep’s wool, and built these…… ^^ It took a lot longer to collect all the stuff needed than to actually build them ;>.>

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Shenmue’s Dobuita ^-^

Two of my favourite games of aaaalll time are Shenmue 1 and 2 on the Sega Dreamcast. These 2 games are so big that they came on about 4 discs each, I’ve spent many many hours playing them, and completed … Continue reading

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